5 Best Gift Ideas For Your Fashion Conscious Sister

Gifts are always special because we buy them to woo our favorite people. Mom, dad, siblings, friends, and relatives form an inseparable part of our life and on festive occasions they deserve the best gifts. But if I have to point out one best person among these, I guess inarguably, a sister would be the most deserving one. And if she is a fashionably sensible person, you can try out the following ideas as a rakhi gift for sister in USA.

Dazzling glares:

They say eyes speak a lot and form a significant part of our bodily functions. But in our modern sense of fashion a glare or spectacle is important to enhance the good looks. It adds so much to your personality and that is well understood by your sister. You would come across many such hip-hop glares. She may love the Victoria Beckham type big goggles or the Lana Del type. So, hunt them well to impress your sweetheart sister.

Watch the watch:

Watch is another personality defining item in her wardrobe. There are watches of sporty, designer, bejeweled, simple old world, or bracelet nature. So, you must know her taste before buying that watch for her. If she is a college going teenager, go for the bracelet or sporty ones and if she has recently started her professional career, go for the designer labels.

Tattoo inscription:

We all love tattoo – isn’t it? Ask your sister if she is interested in getting ink on her body. If she is, get her inked right away and this would be a lifetime gift for her. Select a cool and funky tattoo design for her or let her choose. Tattoo is a cool fashion statement. With the tattoo, she would always remain connected to you, no matter how many miles she is away from you.

Jackets and scarfs:

If you are going to gift her anything fashionable in winters, go for jackets and keep the scarf for summers. Cotton linen or silk or cashmere scarf are your options which you must take up in her favorite color. For jackets, check the leather ones only because there is nothing as classy, cool, and chic like that.

Make-up kit:

From lip colors to eye shadows, Kohl to eye curlers, blusher to body shining creams – there is a long list that can be included in this category. She is the fashionista and knows well when to apply which element. Just read her dressing table once to know the brand she uses to buy the make-up kit for her as a rakhi for sister in USA. Because everyone has some sort of belonging to a particular brand and girls don’t like shuffling brands much once they have found it suitable for their type of skin.

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